Greetings, Divine Soul!

Greetings, Divine Soul!

IT is through this universe that we are connecting and we pay our gratitude for this divine meeting. We welcome you to ISEKKAI – our own world, to explore this new dimension and seek solace, positivity and bliss.

Isekkai is a Japanese word which literally means “A different world” and that is what we have right here. To us, Isekkai means a new world that opens up new opportunities, new directions and an overall positive outlook towards leading a holistic life. A world which belongs to all of us! A new dimension where the seeker finds the answers, the agitated finds peace, the unprosperous finds abundance, the sad finds happiness and the lost finds the way. 

With high vibrations and positivity, Isekkai is the place for a soul to grow in its spiritual journey. To understand spirituality, we really don't need to have the magical moment. In fact, it is more of an internal calling of a soul to elevate to higher self and understanding the ways of this Universe. Just like our very own Dr. Shefalii Gupta got the opportunity to enter a completely new world which she was destined to do and that too with utmost simplicity and grace which is reflected in her persona and lifestyle.

Isekkai embraces every soul coming to it and offers the opportunity to tap into the mystical world of crystals, angels, numbers and so much more! We welcome you to be a part of our world and experience this new dimension of love, peace and prosperity and abundance. 

Team Isekkai aims at consciously intertwining both the worlds to bring you happiness, peace, positivity and spiritual growth through personalized advice and carefully-curated crystals, amulets, tumbles and many more which are energized by using a multiple-step process before sending out to various seekers. Here are some of the processes of energizing that we follow: Sage cleansing, sound healing, full moon rituals, Reiki healings, Angelic healings, setting mindful intentions and many more. Apart from these, we also offer healing modalities such as Angel therapy, pendulum dowsing along with tarot and rune reading and many more. 

Dr. Shefalii Gupta, our spiritual mentor, personally cleanses and energizes each and every enlisted item. She believes in providing the best for the seeker’s needs and utmost satisfaction. She has dedicated herself in providing remedies and solutions to deal with all aspects of life, both physical and spiritual, and enhance the seeker’s growth.

Dr. Shefalii Gupta, walking on this path would be easy and definitely fulfilling. 

Dear soul, understand that you did not just stumble upon this place. You were meant to be here, reading this message from us because you were destined to do so and become a part of this new dimension.

Meet Dr Shefali Gupta

Meet Dr Shefali Gupta

Dr Shefalii Gupta is a renowned name in the world of Spiritual science. With an experience of over 16+ years, she masters various healing modalities such as Chakra Cleansing, Tarot reading, Angel therapy, Crystal therapy and Reiki, to name a few. 

Dr Shefalii Gupta is an ayurvedic doctor and hence also has a deep understanding of the physiological aspects of life. This, combined with her spiritual knowledge, has been a boon to innumerable people who have connected with her over the years. It is this holistic understanding of mind, body and soul that has created a plethora of dedicated followers enabling them to achieve their highest spiritual goal and success in all walks of life. 

Her expertise in crystals and deep understanding of how energy works has created wonders for seekers around the world who pour in their blessings for the miracles they've been able to manifest through her. And these blessings are her "greatest testimonials" , says Dr Shefalii Gupta. 

She believes in simplicity and that's her approach in life and in her healing methods. Whether it's a need, pain, desire or just a question, Dr Shefalii Gupta is all ears when it comes to helping a seeking soul. To simplify your lives through spirituality one can book a reading with her.

With the divine blessings of her masters and gurus, Dr. Shefalii stands tall today along with her family, friends and her team.

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